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Greater than B6 with Enhanced IED
Blast Protection Package

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Model: 2008 Suburban ¾ Ton 4X4 6.0L


All four (4) doors armored using the following materials to enhance the blast threat capabilities:

  • Ceramic Tiles:
    2” x 2” x 1/8” thick
  • Ballistic Steel Plate:
    3 mm thick
  • Urethane
  • Aluminum Alloy Armor:
    ½ inch thick

Windshield is replaced with 54 mm transparent armor (B6 41 mm)

Transparent armor for doors using 56 mm (B6 41 mm)

Oblique, Front and Rear of vehicle armored using 7 mm ballistics steel (B6 6.35 mm)

Entire roof area will be armored using 6.35 mm ballistics steel

Floor armored using 3 mm ballistics steel with ½ inch Aluminum Alloy added that acts as an absorbent for blast

All pillar posts, side panels, kick-panels, firewall, and headers, cargo area, rear wheel arches, rear cargo doors will all be armored using 7 mm ballistics steel

Overlap System around each window will be used throughout the vehicle to ensure complete protection armored using 7 mm ballistics steel

Battery and computer armored using 7 mm ballistics steel

Run-Flats installed in all tires

Rear door kept original with armored swing door directly behind original. Swing door will have transparent armor for full viewing capacity. The thickness of the transparent armor is 56mm. The door will be armored using 7 mm ballistics steel

Rear cargo side panels to have 12” X 8” transparent armor inserts to be 56 mm thick to defeat the following

Suspension upgraded to compensate for additional weight with aftermarket upgrades


$109,000 USD



Delivery date is subject to production schedule at time of order.

For quantity orders, production can be organized to provide delivery rates of 2-10 vehicles per week depending on the order sizes and customer requirements


Prices are Net to You F.O.B. Ontario, Canada

100% of Vehicle price and 50% of armoring price as deposit. Balance payment at shipment or Confirmed Letter Of Credit.